Property Search in Anyror Gujarat [2020]

Property detail is the most important thing before you are going to buy any new property or land. You must know everything about the property that you are going to buy to avoid property fraud. In this article, we are going to see how you can search property details in Gujarat without any problem, here we go!

Search Property Details in Gujarat

To avoid frauds, many states in India have open-sourced the land records of the public so that anyone can see the details of respective land or property and cross verify whether the property belongs to the right person or not.

In Gujarat, these property details are available on Anyror Gujarat portal and it is freely available for everyone. You can check the details of any property right from your mobile.

If you don’t know what is [email protected] Gujarat portal, then visit our article where we have explained everything about it.

But before you are going to check the details of a property, you must verify yourself to avoid property fraud or any other scam.

The property card is the legal document of your property which is also called ‘Malmatta Patrak’ and it tells everything about the owner and history of the property. Let’s see how you can get the property details on Anyror Gujarat portal.

How to search property details

Follow the steps given below to know how to check the land /property details from Gujarat [email protected]

Step 1 – Select the method to search details

You can find your property details in three ways. You can choose any one of them but make sure that you must know information regarding your property. Follow the procedure given below and proceed further.

  • First, go to the source website from here, there you will see the option to choose the method. Select any one of the following three options.
    • Property wise
    • Name wise
    • Document no-year wise

  • Then select the district of you, sub-registrar office and village where your actual property is along with property and its type.
  • Now, you are asked to enter the applicant name, mobile number and email id to verify through OTP.
  • Click on the Send verification code and you will get the OTP on your mobile as well as on email id. Fill it in the blank space and click on the ‘Get Record Details’.
Step 2 – Get the land record
  • Now you are all set and the property details will be displayed on your screen.
  • You can save the property details or you can make a print out of the page for future use.
Overview and final words

Keep in mind that these details are only for informational purposes. This is not an official copy of the property so you can’t use it while selling or purchasing the property.

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