Anyror @ Anywhere & Gujarat 7/12 Online Land Records 2020

AnyRoR @ anywhere is an exclusive platform/portal launched in Gujarat only for the residents belongs to the Gujarat state. Using AnyRoR portal, anyone can find the details of particular land or the 7/12 or 8/12 details right on the mobile.

What is Anyror Gujarat?

Anyror is a free land records searching portal which was launched by the Revenue Department of the Government of Gujarat.Suppose you want to buy the property in any state, you must know the information about it before buying whether it is agricultural land or government land or road land.

For this, the government of Gujarat has launched the portal called AnyRoR which is also known as the Anyror gujarat or AnyRoR @ anywhere for the public so that one will not fall into the property fraud. The land records in Gujarat are known by different names like 7/12 or 8/12. Using the AnyRoR portal, one can easily find the information of particular land or simply can get the 7/12 or 8/12 records.

In this article, we will explain everything that you need, how to find anyror 7/12, anyror rural land records etc. So, stay tuned with us.

Brief information of the AnyRoR Gujarat Portal

Portal Name [email protected] Gujarat
Launched By Revenue Department, Government of Gujarat
Benefits 7-12, 8-12, Gujarat Land Records
Beneficiary Residents in Gujarat
Access Through Official website
Official website

Features of AnyRoR Gujarat

  • Any resident in the Gujarat state has access to the land records, 7/12 or 8/12 of a particular land in the state itself.
  • One can get the land records using AnyRoR portal on the mobile without any prior request to the government office or Tehsildar office.
  • One can easily view the land records in Urban area, Rural area or can also search for the property details right on the mobile using the anyror portal.


What is 7/12 or 8/12 in AnyRoR Gujarat ?

Many people don’t know the meaning of 7/12 or 8/12. The land records are known by different names in the different states. In southern states, land records are known as adangal, Patta-Chitta likewise, in most of the western states, it is known 7-12 or 8-12. In Gujarat, these land records are available for everyone on the anyror Gujarat portal. Let’s see how to find the land records of the Urban area and rural area.

Search 7/12 Land Records using AnyRoR Portal

In Gujarat, land records are divided into two forms, rural and urban. The AnyRoR portal has different options for rural and urban land records so that user will not face any trouble. Follow the easy steps given below to search the rural and urban land records.

Check Urban Land Records

  • Now, select any one option from the drop-down list in order to proceed forward.
    • Survey Number Details
    • Nondh Number Details
    • 135 D Notice Details
    • Know Survey Number by Owner Name
    • Entry List by Month-Year
  • Then select district, city survey office, ward, survey number and sheet number.
  • Finish by entering the captcha code.
  • Hit the ‘get record details’ button.

Your all the urban land records will be shown in front of you like property owner name, land type, area of land etc.

Check Rural Land Records

  • First, visit the official website from here, where you will get the information about any rural land record.


  • Now, select any one option from the drop-down list in order to proceed forward.
    • Old Scanned Vf-7/12 Details
    • Old Scanned Vf-6 Entry Details
    • Vf-7 Survey No Details
    • Vf-8a Khata Details
    •  Vf-6 Entry Details
    • 135-D Notice For Mutation
    • New Survey No From
    • Old For Promulgated Village
    • Entry List By Month-Year
    • Integrated Survey No Details
    • Revenue Case Details
    • Know Khata By Owner Name
  • Then select the district, taluka, village and entry number.
  • Finish by entering the right captcha code.
  • Hit the’ get record detail’ button.

That’s it, your all the information regarding the rural land will be displayed here like landholder name, land type, land area etc.

Search Property Details on AnyRoR Gujarat Portal

Searching the property details on the anyror portal is quite easy, you just need the applicant’s name, mobile number and email id along with some other information. Follow the simple steps given below in order to search the property details.

  • Now, select any one option of the following from the dropdown list in order to proceed.
    • Property wise
    • Name wise
    • Document number-year wise
  • Then select the district, sub register office, village, land type, select type, value zone.
  • Now enter the personal details like applicant name, mobile number and email id.
  • Enter the OTP sent on your mobile number.

That’s it, all your details of the property will be displayed in front of you.


I hope you have enjoyed this article and find it helpful. We have tried to cover each and every point regarding the Gujarat [email protected] portal. If you think we have missed something or you have any query then you can ask freely in the comment section and we will try to get into it as soon as possible.